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THE ANXIETY PROJECT Opens 2019 Phoenix Theatre Festival January 25

The Phoenix Theatre Company in association with Arizona State University presents THE ANXIETY PROJECT to open the 2019 Phoenix Theatre Festival of New American Theatre. In addition, the show will serve as one facet of “Anxious Voices: Breaking The Silence” - a day of theatre, film and discussion regarding mental health awareness. We are honored and thrilled to be part of these important discussions. Event details and breakdown below:

January 26, 2019

Anxious Voices: Breaking the Silence  is a day of art, community and connection. It includes conversations about anxiety, depression and suicide and aims to use the art of storytelling, via film and theatre, to help alleviate shame, remove stigma, and build community. No one is alone but far too often it can feel like it.

1 p.m. - Directed by Lisa Klein, The S Word is a short film about a suicide attempt survivor on a mission to find other survivors and document their stories of unguarded courage, insight and humor. She discovers a national community rising to transform personal struggles into action. This 60 minute version of the original film is being presented free to the public. Please visit for more info.

2:30 p.m. - The Anxiety Project (a new musical) Tickets are $10.

5 p.m. - Panel Discussion: Coping with Anxiety and Depression (also free to the public). Whether you are struggling yourself or love someone who is, this day is for building community and giving a voice to a growing epidemic. Break the silence and have your voice heard. You are not alone. 

Participants in Panel Discussion:

Wanda Wright:
Executive Director of Get Connected.
She was appointed by Governor Ducey to head up a military connection for vets who are depressed and in need of a 24 hr hotline.
She was formerly at the Air Force academy.

Stephanie Cahill:
Volunteer president of Active Minds at ASU

David Brush and Rachel Dean
Librettist/Lyricist and Composer of The Anxiety Project

Moderator: Katherine Kough
Program Director Mayo Clinic Center for Humanities in Medicine